Economic Rise of China- Factory Girls

 The economic growth has not been worth it for most Chinese citizen because it has created mediocrity over excellence and is the those who can afford to pay bribes are those benefiting most from the Chinese economic growth. Despite China’s economic growth there is inequality of growth between rural people and urban folks and this disparity lead a lot of exuberant and noble youth to migrate from rural farming land to urban industrialized cities for fortune. The Chinese system just see development as putting up big infrastructure like construction of mall but not the developing the wellbeing of individuals especially those in the villages. In-addition, the city inequality of life is determined by who can pay bribe, kickbacks and afford to get what he or she want but not who qualify for it on merit. In the issue of how Chunning secured her driving license from black market demonstrated how the level of corruption has reached in china. This continue practices of paying bribes for driving license show how dangerous driving will be on their roads.  Despite technology growth and easy access of quality product for construction work, contractors in the city were still depending on poor materials for public project and they do so to pocket the remaining money for the project. Chang used the construction of the Mo mall as an example of shoddy work by contractor whose interest is about getting millions of money in his pocket than doing a good job.’’ I don’t care if it the factory’s problem or whose problem he said “ if we don’t finish, we don’t get paid ‘’  Cheng ,2009(P337).

Authoritarianism is the style of leadership by most entrepreneur or business owners in china. They do not involve their staffs in decision making process and let them feel less important and this does not show a good democratic leader but rather authoritarian leader. This kind of style of leaderships kills many initiatives . Chunming quit her job due to Chairman Chan leadership style .  (Chang 2009 ) also makes it clear that the girls did not have job security and due to that it is easy for job owners to terminate worker appointment without paying all the benefit the employer deserved. Since the citizens are desperate for jobs even in poor working conditions it gives power to job owners and managers to intimidate and abuse their workers.  Majority of Chinese stand a greater health risk associated to the pollution from the factories circulated around the cities.

Finally, I can say though rise of economic growth has enabled many villagers or youth to seek opportunities from the cities which has fetched them money but I  see these opportunities as short term benefit but not in the long run because there are a lot of mediocrity in the system and corruption is also see as a norm of doing business.

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