Development projects: Quest for measures to validate success

Most development works are done in some form of projects and these projects have goals and objectives in which every effort is given to achieve them. Today’s reading highlight Impact Evaluation (IE) as one of the best methods to measure the success of the project; however, the method itself lacks other aspects to capture greater details to find causality effect on the ground and the need to find real measure and data still posing a challenge in development.

While the challenge remains, there is wide agreement that both funders and project implementers have role to play in order to achieve the intended goals. For example it is clear that to attain a meaningful economic growth in poor countries does not have one solution that can be addressed by structural adjustment that IMF and the World Bank promote. Although this has positive aspects but high level of understanding needs to be reached before signing such agreement as Easterly 2007 point out that it is better that other countries should not be beneficiaries of IMF loans because of their weak government/institutions. This is to protect them from falling into ‘structural adjustment trap’ as it is now a fact that once a poor country engages structural adjustment program it never seem to come out of it. This is where both parties have to play their roles to make sure the deal is fair and instructional components will be implemented without compromise. In addition, the IMF or the World Bank should put a mechanism that will help to reinforce the implementation of the reforms or otherwise the loan should be withdrawn from the country and not giving them another loan because that is taking advantage of desperation situation of the poor country.

Although it seems hopeless to have real changes on the ground, the development practitioners will still work with the tools that are available. In this case, ‘transparency’ is the key to come up the meaningful measures for the projects to succeed. When both parties have to know what is expected and see that they are happy and committed to work hard for the program, the chances of success such scenario is quite high.

As it is at the moment, there is more to be done to say ‘yes’ meaning, the development projects are working, however, the little changes that are happening means something is contributing to it and both parties can work together identify what is contributing to that change and promote it to the context that it favors.


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