Course Policies and Procedures

Because you are all adults, and because it should already be abundantly clear to you that an active and ongoing physical presence in all of your courses is a necessary part of the learning process, I do not “grade” attendance. It is your professor’s belief that attendance grades reward students for what should simply be a baseline expectation, and he does not wish to send the message that there is credit to be had merely for showing up. Similarly, I do not “grade” participation. Again, it is a baseline expectation that you come prepared (having completed and taken notes on all readings) and ready to be fully mentally engaged to each of your meetings. Do note, however, that I do take participation and attendance into consideration when deciding whether or not to offer paper/essay extensions, to make special trips into the office for meetings at odd hours, or to respond to emails late nights and weekends. Put simply, I’m far more likely to cut you some slack if you show up and put in maximum effort, and much less likely to do so if you do not. In my experience, nearly all of you will need some slack at some point in the next term, and I encourage you to keep this in mind.

Second, and per the official OU language for faculty on Academic misconduct:

Academic integrity and honesty are basic values of Ohio University. Students are expected to follow standards of academic integrity and honesty. Academic misconduct is a violation of the Ohio University Student Code of Conduct subject to a maximum sanction of disciplinary suspension or expulsion as well as a grade penalty in the course.

I take plagiarism and academic honesty quite seriously. Papers found to contain plagiarism will at a minimum receive a failing grade, and I reserve the right to extend additional consequences (including failure of the course or referral to the University’s Academic Conduct mechanisms) as I see fit. Please see the OU Student Code of Conduct for more information.

Students who require accessibility accommodations are welcome to meet with me privately, so that you may provide me with your Letter of Notification (specifying the accommodations for which you are eligible), and so we may discuss how we will implement them. If you are not yet registered, please contact the Office of Student Accessibility Services at 740-593-2620 or visit the office in 348 Baker University Center. Many accommodations require advance scheduling on my part, and cannot be organized with only a few days’ notice.  It is your responsibility to contact me early in the semester so that I may make the necessary arrangements.