Research Journal#5

This week I started reading the books relative to my topic. As I read I become more convinced of the fact that the reason behind the stalled democratization in Mauritania is the union between those in power (military regimes) and their civil allies (tribal leaders, businessmen…etc). I will continue reading the sources I have and hopefully will start the actual writing by next week.

2 comments on “Research Journal#5

  1. Good luck on that, Sidi! I thought this article could be helpful to you,


  2. spollock on said:

    I think that there are several areas in which the leaders and those elites stall the strides of democracy. Make sure that you look within the system to see how this differs within Mauritania. I’m interested in the military regimes power and connections between the business owners. The number of civil allies seems rather high too, so that will be interesting to see the outcome from these connections.

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