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For my last research journal I want to discuss what I learned from the process of researching/writing this paper. I found the research journals that we were required to do each week to be very helpful. Doing little amounts of research each week helped me not only stay on top of the paper, but it also helped me understand the topic a lot more then I think I would if I were to start the paper two weeks before it was do. One thing that I learned while doing research for one paper for a whole semester is that it is really important to take good notes on the articles and books that I read. While writing and revising my paper I found that I had to reread many of my sources because my notes did not provide me with enough information.

Prior to starting this paper I thought that I had a pretty good understanding of how to conduct research, but this paper helped me improve my research skills. I found that there were a lot of books at the library pertaining to my topics about Ghana and Kenya the challenge was finding what sources I thought were the best, most accurate depiction that I was looking for. I felt like I was rereading a lot of the same information over and over again just from different sources. Of course this helped me better understand the information, but it also helped me develop a better sense of what type of information/articles were worth reading.

While writing this paper I found that no mater how good you feel you information is at describing your logic and thought process it can always be better! I found that my political history to be specifically challenging because I felt like I had to condense so much history into one short section. This helped me really pick out what information was important to my argument. I also learned how to better organize my paper. I found the articles that your provided us really helpful in understanding the structure and organization. Overall, writing this paper was a valuable learning experience that will help me writing future papers.



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