Research Journal #6

Before I get down to actually writing, I’ve been considering the many ways I can outline my paper, the general flow of it. I have settled on the following:

It may be the History major in me, but I believe a description of how Russia became a democracy is necessary.

-Discuss briefly the democratic tendencies of the Soviet Union

-Discuss the transition for the USSR to Russian democracy

The main focus: The root of this paper will lie with Russian citizens, particularly protest.

-How democratic is Russia currently?

Pro-Putin protest. Anti-Putin demonstrations-those calling for democratic reforms.


This is just a rough outline of the paper’s flow. I hope by to create a more concrete outline by next week.

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  1. PowellCourtney on said:

    I think it is very wise to outline first and I am also very interested in history so I am sure your paper will be very interesting.

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