Research Journal #6

As I have continued reading the books I checked out from the library, I have tried to form my paper slowly. I have decided to use a bit of a case study between Chicago and New York, referring to machine politics in those cities. I have read a bit about them so far but have not reached the books specifically about those instances yet. The articles from class, along with my books have really helped with the historical perspective for my paper. When I discuss patronage in the United States, it is pretty all encompassing, so I’m looking to narrow down a little bit, and hopefully getting specific examples of this patronage (ex. Machine politics in NYC, lobbying groups influence, presidential (or other) nominations/appointments etc.). The next thing I would like to do is get my rough format and outline, and start pulling good quotes for my paper.

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  1. PowellCourtney on said:

    I also like to include quotes in my papers–it makes it more relatable and can justify arguments well.

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