Research Journal #5

I was unable to post last week about my progress in my research, but I was able to narrow down my topic into a single question;

– What are the major barriers to China’s democratization in the next 20 years?

From there I decided to narrow down different areas of interest that might help explain why China will struggle to become democratic in the future.  I decided to focus on 3 major barriers like the organization of the communist party, the wealth & prosperity of the country as a whole, and surveillance & security of the nation. I have found a couple of books that I need to read and explore before writing anything on these barriers.  I have not decided or finalized these as the only options/barriers in this paper.  During my research I may find a different topic that better explains why China will struggle to democratize within the next 20 years.  If anyone has other suggestions on different barriers that you think better explain China’s struggle please let me know.  There is a lot of focus on Taiwan and I believe that this will be the main focus of these different topics.  I also need to find more scholarly writings about China.  This is an important topic in the political science realm and I believe that reading others opinions before diving into my research is important.

Overall, I have a rough outline with what I want my paper to look like, along with a couple of sources that I found while narrowing down and determining my research question.  Over Spring break I plan on finishing the reading of the different books I have found and to have a detailed outline of my paper.  From there I will write a rough draft so I can have a basic paper.  I will continue my research and add or delete information as a see fit.  If anyone else has any suggestions or comments on good sources please let me know!

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  1. kendhammer on said:


    This is a good start. If you can post a list of your sources so far, I can try to fill in with some ideas.

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