Research Journal #5

With the upcoming project due, my research paper has fallen a bit to the wayside this week. But, in extension to last week’s journal, I’ve been continuing to study the pro-Putin youth. Though Wikipedia is usually considered a bad source, I used it as a launchpad for learning more about the “Nashi” movement. For those interested, the link is here:¬†

Like most political movements, there are more layers to this group. Though they staged pro-Kremlin demonstrations in response to anti-Putin protests, some suggest that the Nashi party can replace the current power, United Russia. The group receives a great amount of state funding, so the party may actually end up as United Russia 2.0, rather than a new party with a different platform.

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  1. Kara, I have shared a link on the previous post of yours regarding information about Nashi. Since I stand very close to Russian culture and lived there for a while, I am very interested in your topic. And here is something I found for you that might be useful:

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