Journal – Our Leaders and the Destiny of Tanzania (Nyerere 1995)

I was reading this book by Julius Nyerere titled Our Leaders and the Destiny of Tanzania and I was intrigued by his ambivalence about the fate of the country’s Union. He warned that personal greed and ignorance concerning the Union and its numerous issues drive people to arrive at wild conclusions. The primary architect of the Union himself who favored Unity and ‘sacrificed’ Tanganyika’s autonomy for reasons not well known, this opinion of his was a surprise to me.

But what he was essentially arguing is the fact that after his leadership, the next presidents had put less emphasis on unity – or superficially emphasize on it for their own benefits and that of their cleavages. To some extent, the book was a response to the attempted re-formation of Tanganyika in 1993 when a group of 55 members of parliament (G55) proposed a private motion to reclaim Tanganyika back.

This narrative should feature in my paper, now that I am still revising it.

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