Journal 5

In my second journal post, if class members still remember, I gave a partial outline of what my paper should be like. I’ll take off from there today, now that the outline is fully developed. I’ll definitely add three more sections to the existing conceptualization.

Departing from the survey of multi-party politics and its orientation since 1992, I’ll now examine the inter- and intra- workings and relationships among political parties. In brief, this section will include the accusations of regional concentration and religious bias that the ruling party has been trading on the country’s opposition, plus the reality on the ground. A speculation on reasons for such accusations and the impact thereof will be looked into.

Next section will be about popular support and identity for parties and the country’s numerous agenda. The resource question will be implicitly mainstreamed here – I’ll argue that the politics of profit and loss, for lack of a better expression, is the major reason for identity formation and agenda support.

A section before conclusion will survey some instances in which empirical evidence regarding the several cases I would make in the foregoing sections of the paper.  I’ll tentatively call this section: incentives for election misconducts and recurring violence. It will cover some major happenings from the first multiparty election in 1995 until the last one held in the year 2010.

Lastly, I’ll discuss Tanzania’s complex future. While the possibilities of national reconfigurations are quite meager as of now –the time when the country’s incumbent party remains highly influential – with piling grievances in both Zanzibar and Tanganyika, there’s one day when the party shall go, and an excruciating political restructuring will likely haunt the country and its revered Union.

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  1. jw265808 on said:

    I really think that your second section, “politics of profit and loss”, is going to be a large section of your paper. I think that this section sounds very interesting and you may come across information that will surprise you. I would like to hear any information that you find in this section. The Untied States alone, I think has glaring problems with this area. Different organizations/companies lobby to those in power to see that their interests are met.
    Are you mainly focusing on politics in the United States, or politics in general. In any case I really think that your topic will uncover some surprising facts!

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