Final Blog 4/1

The most interesting thing I learned in this class was the layers needed to get a solid democracy. I did not realize the steps, challenges, and routes there were to achieve such. Going into this class wide eyed and not truly ready for what I would learn was a learning experience. I never knew the value I had living in America under a strong democratic government until I learned the problems others were facing. It is true what they say someone else always has it worse. Learning more in depth about China, the Global South, all my countries for our index project truly make you see a different perspective and one that I hope made me a better person for the way I handle my opinions on democratic issues at home. Aside from the positives this class also taught me that I need to be more productive in time management skills. My paper could of used more time and that ultimately falls in the lesson learned category. Along with that I see that having a journal to manage the details of the paper is a strong investment. As much as I learned in the democratic field I did as well as the dictator field, trust me no soft lining would be coming from my platform! On that light hearted note I would like to thank you for teaching an enjoyable class and helping evolve into a more democratic minded individual.

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