Research Journal 12

My first research question is: How does a formerly violent group incorporate themselves in the civilian democratic politics?

Earlier I chose the research question as I could not find any previous article on this issue on Nepal context. There is a lot out there on Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration. So it was easy for me to pick the question and justify why I chose this topic. I specifically focused on reintegration since this is the last and stage for integrating ex-combatants to the mainstream society. However, once I started writing on it, I found there is rarely any updated information about reintegration of ex-combats of Nepal! So, I had to write the argument based on whatever information I found. I used McMullin’s three¬†challenges – political, ideational, and structural aspects to analyze the reintegration of Nepalese ex-rebels.

My overall conclusion of the paper is Nepal lacks legitimacy in political arena. The ex-rebels made the decade long violent movement as a response. However, even they got the ticket to represent their agenda in parliament, the power still concentrated among the elites. On a grass-root level, the ex-combatants are being marginalized and excluded from the politicized reintegration process.

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