Research Blog 6

This post (which was supposed to be posted last week) mainly focuses on gathering the final sources needed for the individual case studies in my paper. I will be pulling information from the following books and journal articles:

Brophy, David. 2016. Uyghur Nation: Reform an dRevolution on the Russia-China Frontier. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.

Hillman, Ben, and Gray Tuttle. 2016. Ethnic Conflict and Protest in Tibet and Xinjiang. New York: Columbia University Press.

Li, Junpeng. 2014. “The Religion of the Nonreligious and the Politics of the Apolitical: The Transformation of Falun Gong from Healing Practice to Political Movement.” Politics and Religion 7: 177-208. doi: 10.1017/S1755048313000576.

Combined with the previously mentioned articles that explore the role of external actors (NGOs, individual rights groups), these sources are coming together to form the bulk of my argument, and to answer the question of whether vociferous external oppositions encourage moderation and restraint in authoritarian regimes, and if so, to what extent. Considering that the first version of the rough drafts are due on Wednesday, I suspect that it may be helpful to meet with Dr. Kendhammer briefly to identify and address any weaknesses of my argument.


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