Final Prompt

My views on Democracy have absolutely changed since taking this course. It wasn’t really a thing I thought about critically beforehand. I just assumed it was an overall positive system of governance and that it will inevitably be adopted by any educated and prosperous country. That is obviously not the case, its amorphous, ambiguous, and riddled with nuance. This class was very dense and pretty difficult but I learned more from it than my other classes especially in an analytical and critical thinking capacity.

The most insightful takeaway I have is a better ability to define the parameters of the democratic/authoritative spectrum. I am more readily able to understand moves in the contemporary political landscape that are reflective of an autocrat (such as the elimination of legislature in Venezuela) or moves that further democracy (which unfortunately has not been a trend in 2017). I am very happy I took this course and i think the insights I have gained have outweighed the stress the course load gave me. Global democracy is seemingly under threat by the rise of far-right populism, most of the countries undergoing this trend already have an established democracy. If the people want to save democracy then they have to get off teh couch and use it.

3 thoughts on “Final Prompt

  1. I agree that my idea of “democracy” has been enlightened through this course, though I truly hadn’t given much thought to what the basis of a universal definition of democracy has meant beforehand. Populism’s spread throughout the world, especially in stronger democratic regimes, is becoming alarming at this point in time where the world is becoming more interconnected. Curious to see what we Americans are going to be saying about our own democracy within the next few years and how we, as informed students, are able to analyze/critique the path that it is on.

  2. I agree with you–I think much more critically about democracy and especially how we define what a democracy is/isn’t. Although I still view democracy as the best option of government (in that I think it gives the most opportunity and freedoms to people) it is not entirely positive. It definitely still has its faults and is still riddled with corruption. And just because a country is educated and prosperous does not mean that it is a democracy (case in point, China).

  3. I too have the similar learning about parameters of authoritarianism and democracy. I remember somebody used the term “shades of democracy”! Like Alexandra, I too did not have a specific thought about universal and context-specific democratic practices before taking the class.

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