Election Fraud

For today’s prompt, I struggled to narrow in on one aspect being more dangerous than the other, being that both encompass extremely detrimental challenges to a functioning democracy and blatantly express political corruption. The ability to give the lead to one candidate is harmful because it often enacts a substantial amount of money in obtaining the votes-something that is a distinct division among class lines. However, in the readings for today, the amount of damage that resides within purposefully suppressing an opponent’s vote total is very visible in the readings, but can be invisible in reality. Therefore, I would conclude that the latter fraud category is more dangerous to democracy due to the fact that there are distinct actors in place preventing legitimate representation of citizens and entail a lack of overall transparency.

Evidence to support this claim from Campbell’s piece focuses on cases of voters purposefully not being able to locate their new voting location, racial and gender rejection, and locations claiming to not having a sufficient amount of ballots. These are exact measures that will shrink the true amount of eligible voter participation, essentially suppressing the voice of citizens in an election’s outcome. These mechanisms enable the power to reside within a specific group, advancing their power and authority in a society while completely eliminating the opportunity for any opposition.

Fraud in the form of adding to candidate’s total also tends to be more visible. Though tactics such as vote-buying and fraudulent ballots can be easily deemed as undemocratic, the whole point of a campaign is to be influential and gain support, sometimes through mechanisms that wrongfully obtain votes. The actual act of suppressing an opponent’s total is creating a blockade to citizens obtaining representation in the political system-an aspect that is not always readily pinpointed. These blockades are often not surfaced until an elections results are conclusive, where it is possibly too late to challenge.

2 thoughts on “Election Fraud

  1. I would agree that voter suppression is one of the most prominent issues within democratic societies, this is simply because it is easier to commit and get away with. Vote buying and ballot stuffing is incredibly difficult and requires much more risk, whereas suppression can range from actively denying people from the polls to moving polling locations to facilitate those who one wants to vote.

    There is little doubt that voter suppression does exist in the contemporary world and ultimately effects the turnout on election day.

  2. I also struggled to narrow down on which is more dangerous, because the bottom line is, they are both fraud- trying to tilt the playing ground in ones favor. But I also concur that, voter suppression is more dangerous to democracy. Though democracy makes room for some amount of violence, the scale at which this form can bring will undo all the progress thus far.

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