Journal 9

For my final journal I will just like to resume what I did for my paper. In here I presented the case of famine in African societies from the view of the Ethiopian state. This nation is different than other in the African states due to the fact that their famine was self-inflicted. On top of this we could see that patterns implemented since the colonization era are still being implemented in this country in the present times. Paternalistic views coupled with clientalistic ways of making business makes it hard for an optimistic view regarding Ethiopian future and the fight of famines in this state. In the paper I also compared how other nations in Africa and Asia have dealt with famine crises and how they have overcome them.

While doing this I presented solutions to the Ethiopian famine and gave probable measurements that can be use in the future in order to prevent future famines in these parts of east Africa. In general I believe that famine issues can be resolved with the proper outside involvement of external agencies and donors, it is still too soon in my opinion to decide whether or not famine issues will be eradicated in the next ten years, but one can only be optimistic and think the best solution for this issues are soon to come.