Journal 8

On this week review I tried to tie everything together and look for solutions for the famine crises in the developing world. In here many options came in place but the most important solution that I see is the increase of aid by the already developed nations to help the global south countries. I believe that one way to decrease famine crises in east Africa is that there should be more economical stimulus for the developing countries to never fail in their crop production. Also as I mentioned in other research journals I think that the ability to read economical fluctuations are key in order to prevent future famines. On top of this the aid given to these countries should be given without such limiting conditions that are based in western ideals instead of being based on actual economic indicators that will help the African economies to never fall to an extent in which famine Is eminent. When focus on aid, the global north should focus on preventative aid instead of relief aid in order for real change to occur among the global south countries.