Journal 6

This week in my research I found out what are some of the major causes of famine all over the African continent.  There are many distinct explanations of famine. They range from colonization, structural adjustment programs mandated by the western powers and international organizations, unequal access to land, famine as a weapon of war, insecurities in the region and lastly natural disasters.  Each one of this causes may have play a severe impact in the famines I have been researching in Ethiopia. For now I believe that the causes of the famine are in part due to bad SAP in combination with insecurities in the region and bad government.  On top of this I think that the explanations of colonization as a cause of famine will have to deal with the distribution of resources and the distribution of the territories which inspired ethnic conflict and the division of goods. The unequal access to land issue has to do with cultural rules which discriminate against members if a community, especially women. This along with agricultural policies that favor industrial plantation farming and facilitate the dispossession of land from communities lead to increased numbers of inequality and the widening of the gap from the “haves” to the “have not’s”. The other explanations are more common and easy to understand as the usage of famine practices as a form of cohesion, the constant civil wars in the area and the various natural disasters that may attack certain crops in a region.