Journal 5

This Journal entry will be based on the information I gained in the peer review article. So far I learned that I have to focus on famine crises and the development of African nations, while also looking at what have been done in other African countries in which famines are not a constant struggle. After some research I learned that the issue of famine crises in not an internal conflict as I once thought, instead it is a multinational conflict that involves not only other states but other international organizations that make policies in order to provide aid to developing nations. In the peer review it came to my attention that I need to use more of my sources, stop the usage of conversational pieces and more likely ask for help for the editing and revising on my paper. Overall keith provided me with great ways to modify my paper in order for it to be more readable and less of a conversational piece. In addition to this I will add other famine success stories in different continents to see what factors differ from Africa to Asia for example when dealing with famine crises. This will be to answer my question in regards if a simple cookie-cutter mold can be set to solve all of the famine crises around the globe.